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inspirational blogs. i am always on the lookout for great blogs to add to my daily blog reads. i recently happened upon two blogs that i wanted to share, and encourage you to visit. the first one is b for bonnie (found via oh joy!), which is maintained by the talented photographer bonnie tsang. on this blog, ms. tsang shares her beautiful personal photos, professional work, and inspirational imagery. 
the second one is bluepoolroad (found via b for bonnie), which is maintained by the equally talented peggy wong. on this blog, ms. wong shares inspirational and thoughtfully chosen images, her personal photos, and design work (she creates beautiful stationery, custom invitations, and rugs). both women write beautifully (concise and poignant) and have a very keen eye. keep up the amazing work!

source: screen shot of b for bonnie and bluepoolroad

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