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as i was going through my past posts, i discovered that i haven't written anything about one of my favorite topics - literature! i read...i read a lot. i am a self-proclaimed reading junkie. though, i realized that i don't read enough classics. so one my new year's resolutions, i mean goals, is to read one classic per month. my pick this month is the plague by albert camus. i have read the stranger (which deals with existentialism and inspired the song killing an arab by the cure) a few times, so i thought another book by the same author would prove satisfying. we'll see, i'll keep you posted. i'm also reading again/finishing up the corrections by jonathan franzen and beginning left neglected by lisa genova (for my book club). oh, and there are two great articles about warren buffett and arianna huffington in this month's vanity fair that i need to read. i know, i know, i'm a nerd! (oh, i'm also going to work on my top ten books. do you have a top ten must-read list?)

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